Euro 2016 World Cup in Bordeaux

Follow the UEFA Euro 2016 in Bordeaux

This year, the Euro Football Competition is coming to France, and we’ve been cleaning up and getting organised so that everything is ready for the UEFA madness that we’ll be seeing in June and July!! From new partners and special offers, to big screens and great after parties, the pubs in Bordeaux are going to be crazy! Especially The Houses of Parliament, HMS Victory and Market Tavern. So here’s the run-down on what you can expect!

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Bordeaux pubs to watch the euros 2016 live >

Football Fans in Bordeaux

euro ordeauxAlthough Bordeaux is better know for wine and cheese, sport supporters come from far and wide to enjoy the awesome atmosphere in the pubs. So whether your English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish or even French… and want to watch the UEFA 2016 Football, the pubs have your sporting fix in Bordeaux.

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All Live Sport

bordeaux euroThe HOP was built by Jon, a rugby fanatic, so you can be sure that he built a pub for a maximum amount of live sport matches, all day, all the time! So if you’re following your team abroad or already in Bordeaux and looking for a VIP spot, we’ve got everything you need to stay up-to-date on all the live action.

Plus, if the Houses is rammed, the spacious HMS Victory has 2 floors, 2 Big Screens and tons of TV’s to be sure you see ever second of every match.

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UEFA 2016 Fixtures

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