The Bordeaux Pub

The Bordeaux Pub

Opened in 2003 by Jon and Sara, their children and a handful of friends, the Bordeaux Pub, The Houses of Parliament has now become one of the best known English pubs in Bordeaux. Jon, a rugby fanatic, made sure that he built a pub that not only he would enjoy but would also appeal to France. Together with his wife Sara, a wine aficionado with a great mind for business, they put blood, sweat and tears into making their vision come to life. More than 10 years down the road and they are still deeply involved with the day to day running of their business as well as their second, younger bar the HMS Victory and the newest Market Tavern.

bordeaux pub

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bordeaux pubThe HoP was once the location of a 17th Century paper mill. The flat non-stone part of the ceiling hallway down the pub was originally a courtyard that open to the sky. The doors on the right against the wall were originally on the front of the building and are believed to be over 300 years old. The alcove on the left of the pub is an ancient well that has since been filled in and blocked off. We’ve left the vaulted ceilings unmolested as we believe that sandblasting them would remove some of the charm of this ancient building.

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bordeaux pubSince opening The HoP has welcomed a multitude of foreign Erasmus students from England, Ireland, Spain and America, a variety of visitors from Down Under and of course an abundance of French customers of all ages. With arched stone ceilings and walls adorned with a variety of rugby and football shirts, The HoP manages to find a middle ground between England and France, taking the best from each individual culture. Our bilingual staff will work hard to ensure that you have a memorable soirée!

Come on down and play a game of pool, throw some darts, read some daily English newspapers all while enjoying a refreshing beverage in a friendly environment.

The Pub’s Renovation in 2014

Every year we strive to keep The Houses of Parliament modern and fresh with our annual New Years makeover. This year was no different: we removed the internal facade, put down a new parquet floor, replaced the bar pumps to ease customer service, installed a new television, new high seating opposite the bar and added a lick of paint. 

We’re constantly improving the pub with new furniture, new varnish, new pictures and new tiling in the bathrooms, we hope to keep the HoP as welcoming as our staff!

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