What to do when traveling to Bordeaux

The Houses of Parliament Pub Terrace

Summer is an excellent time to visit south of France, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region is so rich with outdoor and cultural activities, so why not pay us a visit ? Read this article and find out what to do when traveling to Bordeaux.

If you’re in need of a relaxing vacation, it’s the perfect destination ! Grab your airplane tickets, pack your suitcase and you’ll be on your way to sunny France with a refreshing glass of wine in hand before you know it !

The team at The Houses of Parliament have put together this handy guide so you don’t miss out on anything while you’re visiting. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a long relaxing holiday, you’ll never be out of things to do in Bordeaux and its surroundings.

First things first, settling down for your first evening

You’ve landed, it’s time to kick start your holiday with a refreshment. Bordeaux is so rich with shaded terraces and quirky spots, this is the perfect way to wind down and people watch ! Start the evening off in Saint Pierre which is the historical center of the city, with its cobbled streets you’ll be bound to fall in love with the charm that the city has to offer.

After that cool drink, you’ll be working up an appetite from taking in the smells from the surrounding restaurants. Bordeaux holds the record for most restaurants per inhabitant with 1 restaurant per 285 inhabitants; safe to say you have a large array of choices ! 

You wouldn’t be living the true Bordeaux experience if you didn’t try a juicy steak and homemade chips (with a glass of red wine of course). 

Le Bar du Boucher (5 Rue Parlement Sainte-Catherine) is a fabulous authentic restaurant where you may choose to dine at your own table or join another party of people at one of the large barn-style tables located at the back of the restaurant under the iconic stone arches. Once you’re seated and have ordered yourself a drink, you may stand up and choose your cut of meat at the butcher’s counter, it doesn’t get fresher than this !

If you love the stone arches at Le Bar du Boucher, you’ll be bound to love The Houses of Parliament (11 Rue Parlement Sainte-Catherine), situated a few doors down ! The atmosphere at the pub is the perfect spot for a night cap after your meal. With its cute little terrace, the HOP (as the locals like to call it) changes mood throughout the day. Whether it’s for an early evening Gin & Tonic in the sunshine or a late night boogy on the weekend, there’s always something to keep you busy. On particularly sunny days, why not cool down in the refreshing AC, play a game of pool and relax in this classic English pub.

It’s time to see some sights !

Time for some sight seeing ! It’s safe to say we love the eating and drinking the city has to offer but there are so many sights not to miss ! 

Bordeaux is a small City so it’s very easy to walk around or even rent a bike and cycle around ! Many companies such as Lime, Zoov or Voi rent out bikes, all you have to do is download the apps & follow their directions. 

You’ll notice the city is full of disney-like arches that used to be entrances to the old walled city. One of the most impressive is Porte Cailhau – a real “insta-moment”. Just a few minutes walk away is La Grosse Cloche which includes a gorgeous bell ! They can be visited, however they are so picturesque that looking at them from the outside is good enough !

While you’re over at the “Grosse Cloche” why not take a gander down toward the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe known as La Rue Sainte-Catherine ? Once you’re there, take a left and follow the smell of freshly baked donuts from “Little Donut” (241 Rue Sainte-Catherine), you’re in for a treat ! 

What to do when traveling to Bordeaux – The Big Bell of Bordeaux known as “La Grosse Cloche”

Don’t forget to stay hydrated

Perhaps after all that walking it’s time for a sit down right ? Head over the HMS Victory (3 Place Général Sarrail), take a seat on the vibrant yellow terrace and let the friendly staff take care of you. After all, you deserve a nice cold beer after all that walking! This part of town is known for its quality street food from all over the world. We highly recommend Kubo Canteen (1 Place Général Sarrail) for its light and delicious filipino dishes.

What to do in Bordeaux – The HMS Victory terrace

How about a trip to the country side?

Bordeaux is known to be a stunning city and there really is so much to see that one may forget to see what awaits you just outside – that’s right… Hundreds and hundreds of vines, used to make our delicious wines ! A wine tour is simply a must. Head to the Rustic Vines website to select what best suits your needs, choices include E-Bike tours and Minivan tours ! These relaxing (& tasty) getaways are what will make for an unforgettable holiday !